“He was not only comfortable with Liszt’s extravagant technical demands but he delivered impressively on the music’s poetry” (Jeff Buckley, 19th Sept 2013)

Umberto was born in 1991 in San Benedetto, Italy. He started to play the piano at the age of six and at twelve he was enrolled in the “Pergolesi” Conservatory where he graduated with top marks and honorable mention.

At the same time, Umberto received a classical education learning ancient Greek, Latin and philosophy.

He studied piano and chamber music with Enrico Belli, Gianluca Luisi and Alessandra Gentile.

He attended various master classes (Christopher Elton, Jean Efflam Bavouzet, Andrei Jasinski, Pascal Devoyon, Kathryn Stott, Benedetto Lupo, Claudio Martinez Mehner, Jeffrey Swann, Jin Ju, Yevgeni Sudbin, Catherine Vickers, Salvatore Accardo, Trio di Parma) and won several national and international competitions (Pesaro 2011, Rome 2009).

In 2013 Umberto was top prize winner at “Premio Venezia” and first prize at “Nuova Coppa Pianisti”.

Moreover he has widely performed in Italy, Germany and United Kingdom in important venues such as Teatro Malibran and Teatro La Fenice in Venice, St. James Piccadilly, Regent Hall and the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

He played concertos by Bach (BWV 1056), Mozart (K 414), Beethoven (Triple Concerto and Choral Fantasy), Mendelssohn (no. 2 op. 40), Schumann (op. 54), Janàcek (Concertino) with several orchestras (Pergolesi Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonietta Gigli, Vivaldi, Camerata Classica and the orchestra and ensemble of the Royal Academy of Music).

Umberto graduated from Royal Academy of Music in London with the Dip RAM (Academy’s highest performance award for an outstanding final recital), under the guidance of Professor Ian Fountain.

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