Avinoam Shalev - Bach and the Wolf - Waterdown House

3 May 2020, 15:00


We regret to announce that this concert has been cancelled
owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bach and the Wolf

This concert will be performed on Historical Keyboard Instruments

J S Bach  – Prelude and Fugue in C major, BWV 846
J S Bach  – Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 865

E W Wolf – Sonata in D-minor (No. 3 in Sei Sonate per il Clavicembalo Solo, 1774)
E W Wolf – Sonata in Bb-Major (No. 1 in Sei Sonate per il Clavicembalo Solo, 1774)

C P E Bach – Sonata in E-minor Wq 61/5 (in für Kenner und Liebhaber, volume VI)

E W Wolf – Fantasy & Variations (1785)


This programme explores the personal and stylistic influences between J.S. Bach, his eldest son and
E.W. Wolf. Wolf grew up and studied not far from Bach, the father, in Saxony, but they never met,
the former being 15 years of age when Bach died. Nonetheless, his music, as well as that of CPE
Bach, left an important impression on him. Wolf recommended students in the introduction to his
keyboard work publication from 1785 to practice J.S. Bach’s Preludes and Fugues which he calls
“masterpieces […] of the highest expression”. CPE Bach and Wolf regarded each other highly and
kept a steady relationship for many years – Wolf sold subscriptions to für Kenner und Liebhaber,
and when Bach left for Hamburg, Wolf was offered to take over his position in Berlin as First
Harpsichordist for Frederick the Great.


The Richard Burnett Heritage Collection (The Finchcocks Charity for Musical Education)

Waterdown House, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5LE

Tickets £20 – to book, please email katrina@finchcocks.co.uk   or Tel: 01892 523203