Latest Podcasts

The Keyboard Charitable Trust is pleased to present its audio podcasts project to mark the 25th Anniversary of its foundation. These podcasts are intended to bring some of our brilliant artists closer to the public with frank and wide-ranging conversations about music, their interests and their lives as musicians as well as some wonderful performances of diverse repertoire.

The podcasts take the form of an introduction by Antonio Pappano, our Patron, and an interview of one of our young artists by Dr Leslie Howard, one of our Artistic Directors, followed by a performance of pieces played by the artist.

Ilya Kondratiev

Ilya and Christopher Axworthy talk about piano, songs and more. Some live playing included!
26 October 2019

Andre Gallo

Andre Gallo on piano technique and more in conversation with Christopher Axworthy.
5 October 2019

Mark Viner - KT Podcast

Mark Viner in conversation with Dr Elena Vorotko
11 July 2018