Ilya Kondratiev was born in 1988 in Russia. He is currently studying with Vanessa Latarche at the Royal College of Music in London on the prestigious Artist Diploma Course after having obtained a Master’s in Performance. He previously studied with Zinaida Ignatieva at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, and Victoria Soifer at Samara College of Music.
Ilya has been a prize winner of international piano competitions including the Chopin (2011), Liszt (2011), the Fifth Tbilisi (2013) and Brant (2015). He also won the Beethoven Senior Intercollegiate Competition in 2015 and the Chappell Medal Piano Competition in 2016.
Ilya performs internationally as a soloist and also as a chamber musician. In 2009 he founded the Robert Quintet, which won second prize at the Sixth Stasys Vainunas Chamber Music Competition in Vilnius and third prize at the ‘Premio Vittorio Gui’ Chamber Music Competition in Florence in 2011.        


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